I get really mad when I see

These people

Especially white people

Complain on twitter

About reading these 

Literary classics

Written by 

Disgusting old white men

They are so revolted by the work

They have to DNF the book

“Did Not Finish”

They post about this

Virtue signaling 

Hoping that someone will see them

As woke

Sometimes they even will post this with

A picture of themselves

Looking melancholy

Just so their “friends”

Can see the white guilt 

In their eyes.

This is the most ridiculous thing in the world

You cannot change history 

By DNFing it

You can’t ignore the past

And hopes that it goes away

The only thing you can do

Is learn from the past

Those who don’t learn from the past

Are doomed to repeat it

What in the world is wrong with you people

No one will remember that you didn’t 

Finish a book written by a dead white guy

History will remember the work

Of said dead white guy

You will fade into obscurity

Because you do not understand

The battle

You are the same people

That read Stephen King

Who throws the N word around

Like candy from a piñata at a child’s party

Who objectifies women 

But that’s okay

Because the remake of IT was cool

It had neato Funko Pops

You disgust me

You don’t even know what your battling

Enjoy the likes and retweets

That’s all you ever get.

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