A bunch of my stories will be appearing places soon!

Hey there folks! As you know a bunch of my stuff is appearing in Weird Mask. You can find more about that at www.weirdmask.com

Starting Sept. 1st I will also have a daily serial at Weird Mask. It’s one that if you’ve been following me for a long time you will remember. It’s called Love & Hate. It’s my love letter to soaps that I grew up with. Everything from Days of our Lives to Robotech. LOL.

I have a couple poems that have been picked up by a BEAUTIFUL zine called Strange Romance. I will give you details once I get them.

I have another story, that I originally wrote in 1999, but lost it and had to rewrite it from memory yesterday. Its been accepted for the next issue of the Rock N Roll Horror zine. It’s a great zine. I have the first two issues and love them.

Next, I sent a story called Head into a site that I used to work with a lot that went on a long hiatus. The site is called Horrotica. They used to be affiliated with World of Myth although I don’t know if that’s still a thing.

Anyhow, Just a little heads up of a ton of cool stuff.

Wait! I just remembered something!

I have another story called The Master, The Android and the Garlows that had been accepted by Rhetoric Askew. That is supposed to come out next month I think. I haven’t heard anything, but I think Sept is what they said. 🙂


Anyhow, pretty busy stuff.

On Oct. 1st a brand new serial of mine starts on Weird Mask called The Dicks. That’s all I can tell you about it as of now. More details to come.

If you are following Weird Mask, the final part of The Gavel: Fight Night will be released in the Sept issue of the Zine.

Until next time folks.

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